Curzon Christie Organ


The mighty Christie was built in 1931 to provide music and sound effects to accompany silent films. It was restored and installed by a team of volunteers over 12 months in 2011/12 and is a now perfectly at home as a focal point of our Art Deco-styled auditorium.

Your chance to play the CURZON'S historic Christie!

Organ enthusiasts can book to perform privately, or with friends, usually on the first Tuesday morning of the month. An experienced organist will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Your booking will entitle you to play the organ for 30 minutes, and will cost £25. You may bring along a guest to watch. Additional guests up to a maximum of three can come along at an additional charge of £5 each. Larger groups welcome, prices on application. 

To book, contact the Curzon Cinema on 01275 871000
Why not give a Curzon Christie Experience experience as a gift? Vouchers available from the Box Office.

More about the Christie pipe organ:

  • It has 723 pipes, installed in an enclosure to the right of the screen, ranging in length from 17’ 6” down to less than an inch!
  • The volume is controlled by two sets of pneumatically operated acoustic shutters that open in the front wall of the enclosure.
  • As well as pipes, the Christie organ has real percussion instruments operated by air pressure, including xylophone, glockenspiel, chimes, vibraphone, drums, cymbals, tambourine and castanets.
  • There is provision to play a real grand piano from the organ keyboards!
  • There are also special effects used in accompanying silent films. These include the sounds of birds, a train whistle, telephone bell, fire alarm, car horn, and an aeroplane.
  • All of the pipes and effects are operated using compressed air. This is raised to a pressure of approx 1lb-per-square-inch by an electric blower beneath the stage.
  • The blower contains three large fans and is powered by a 7½ horsepower motor.
  • The console has three keyboards each with 61 notes, and the bass notes are played on a pedalboard which has 30 notes.
  • There are over 100 stopkeys in two rows above the keyboards, and altogether there are over 150 separate controls at the organist’s command.
  • The console was originally connected to the organ via a set of electro-mechanical relays, but at the Curzon these have been replaced with the latest state-of-the-art digital control system.
  • In total the Christie organ weighs around 4 tons.